Councils’ response to the Planning Inspectors’ letter

On 20 May 2015, the Inspectors issued a letter [PDF, 256kB] outlining some preliminary conclusions following the joint hearings that have been undertaken as the first part of the examinations of the Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire Local Plans.

The Inspectors consider that the best course of action would be for the examinations to be suspended to give time for further work to be undertaken by the two Councils. The Inspectors asked the Councils to respond setting out how they wish to progress together with a timetable for undertaking the further work required, including any periods of public consultation.

The Councils have now considered the Inspectors’ preliminary conclusions and on 30 June 2015 wrote to the Inspectors setting out their response [PDF, 252kB]. The Councils have considered the matters raised by the Inspectors and in response have mapped out the work required in order to address the issues raised. The letter includes a timetable for the work, which will also involve public consultation. The Councils have also committed to providing regular updates as the work is progressed.

The Councils have also issued a separate letter [PDF, 164kB] to the Inspectors relating to the joint housing trajectory and five-year land supply, which is a particular issue in South Cambridgeshire. This letter asks the Inspectors to consider providing a single issue report so that the joint trajectory can have weight in planning decisions as soon as possible and also seeks the Inspectors’ advice in relation to further work for Gypsy and Travellers Needs Assessment.


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