This blog is managed by Cambridge City Council and has been set up to keep people informed about the progress on the Cambridge Local Plan 2014 and other planning policy documents that are being developed, such as the Cambridge Northern Fringe East Area Action Plan and various Supplementary Planning Documents.

The council also keeps an up-to-date timetable relating to the production of planning policy documents on their website.

What is the Cambridge local plan?

The Cambridge local plan sets out policies and proposals to guide the future development of Cambridge.  It also sets out where future development will take place, and identifies land for new housing, community facilities, shops and employment.  In addition the local plan identifies land to be protected from development, such as the Green Belt and open space.  It is the key document used to determine planning applications for new development in the City.

Why do we need to review the local plan?

We need an up to date local plan to set local policies, guide decisions about new development and to protect the quality of life of residents, workers, students and visitors.

  • The new Localism Act now allows the City Council to decide itself how many new houses and how many jobs should be provided in the city over the next 19 years (previously this decision was made at a regional level). The local plan is the means to do this.
  • Existing local plan (2006) needs to be updated and if it is not updated then National Planning Policy guidance will determine future development decisions without local people having a say on setting local policies (NPPF and presumption in favour of sustainable development).
  • An up to date local plan is also very important in a vibrant city like Cambridge, where developers may like to build in locations which may damage the character of the city and an up to date local plan can stop this from happening.

What will the new local plan do?

  • The local plan will be used to guide future decisions on development and planning applications. It will also help ensure that key infrastructure services are provided and improved. The new local plan will plan to 2031.
  •  The new plan will also make sure that the fringes of the city where development crosses or may cross the administrative boundaries between the City and South Cambridgeshire are properly planned.

What will the blog do?

This blog will keep you up to date on the review process and how you can get involved.

Where can I find out more?

If you would like to read up on some more information about the local plan review visit:



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